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Maven is a build automation and management tool developed by Apache Software Foundation. The name maven means “accumulator of knowledge” in Yiddish language. The development of maven was started by Jason van Zyl as a sub-project of Apache Turbine in 2002. The initial release of maven was released as an Apache Software Foundation project on 13 July 2004. Maven can be considered as similar tools to Apache Ant, Gradle but much more advanced than Ant. It is written in Java and can be used to manage projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala, and many other languages. …

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When it comes to programming languages most people think that Java and JavaScript are somehow related to each other. Even I thought that they are somehow related to each other until I did some research on it. It turns out that the naming of JavaScript is just a marketing move because of the gaining popularity of java at the time of the release of JavaScript rather than because of the similarities of the two languages. …

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Since the first iPhone release in 2007 and the first android smartphone release in 2008, industries related to smartphones have been growing exponentially. With the projected smartphone shipments for 2023 being 1.48 billion units and the global mobile phone application market size is expected to reach $278 billion by 2026, mobile application development has become one of the biggest areas in the software development industry.

When it comes to mobile application development there are many options to choose from. Among those options, cross-platform development approach has become one of the best methods to develop mobile applications because of the cost-effectiveness…

Supun Priyashan

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